Exercise Your Valves

An often overlooked item in your house are the valves under your sink. Most people don’t ever look for them until they need them. Valves that sit unused for a long period of time may become seized which can be a problem when you need to turn the water off to swap out a faucet or some other maintenance.

The best way to assure that your valve(s) is working properly is to exercise it. Turn it off then open it all the way to the end then back it off just a little. Spend a about a half hour to go around your house and locate the valves for your sinks and toilets, and give them a turn. If the valve is hard to turn, don’t force it, sometimes working the valve open and close will help work it back to operational.

If you find a seized valve, it’s usually an easy fix. Pay close attention to the size of the supply line attached to it, even take a picture if you can, come to one of our stores and we can supply you with a new valve that will screw right on to your old one. Check back next month for another Tip of The Month.


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